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He’s equally deficient as a more traditional rap lyricist: His vocabulary is limited, his concepts thin, his persona over-reliant on empty rags-to-riches-to-bitches clichés. He struggles to form even small fragments of coherent narrative without falling back on poorly constructed religious imagery or an almost Game-like tendency to incessantly name-drop — “It’s the gold teeth, French braids / Call me Project Pat,” “Painting vivid pictures / Call me Basquiat, Picasso,” etc. There’s no personal narrative or identity here to compensate for the hollowness of his craft. In real life, he’s a naturally charismatic human — a warm and affable “pretty motherfucker” when the camera is rolling — but none of that translates on record. By LONG.LIVE’s end, we know everything that Rocky likes, but no idea what he’s like.

Spin reviewed the new A$AP Rocky album, and this bit really nailed why i’ve never connected with any of his music.


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  2. skeptictank said: If you watch his A$AP vs. Danny Brown interviews you can see the difference between a dude with some life & experience under his belt & a dude who is just hustling to get rich. That was the moment I fell out of love with A$AP.
  3. oldtobegin said: i’ve always found that last bit to be a commentary on the emptiness of rap culture but perhaps i’m being too generous?
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