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"I don’t know what most white people in this country feel, but I can only conclude what they feel from the state of their institutions."

I had this sitting in my drafts for when I finished the Baldwin I’ve been reading for a while (the nice Library of America Collected Essays; it’s a library book and I need to go back and get it out again!), but this week has made it even more pertinent than it usually is.

One of my favorite Baldwin clips.

In 2011, there were 120,000 police stops of black/Latino boys btwn 14 and 18 in NYC. There were 170,000 black/Latino boys in NYC then. If you were a brown kid in NYC, you were very, very likely to have been stopped under stop and frisk. And there all sorts of disruptions that attend those stops. You spend 12 hours in a holding cell, get released without a charge. You may have had to be someplace very important. and you have to explain that to your boss at Target or your school or whatever. And so certain populations are in near-constant contact w/ police, and at constant risk of police-related disruption of their lives. For those folks, Eric Garner and Michael Brown aren’t statistical anomalies, but worst-case scenarios for more quotidian privations. If your contact with the police is nothing like that — maybe a speeding ticket, but mostly respectful and rare, you’re going to have a different posture toward the police. And you wouldn’t be *wrong* to have that posture; you live in a materially different world. It’s not as simple as willful blindness. It’s like being a person without a disability who doesn’t know which subway stops have elevators.

Gene Demby. The bolded part may be the best comparison i’ve ever read.

The world judges Christianity not by what the Bible says, but by how Christians live. Christians are the Bible that sinners read.

Sending this E.M. Bounds quote out to all the self-described Christians on social media defending/supporting/cheering the Powerful’s brutal treatment of the Powerless. I don’t base my opinion of Christianity on how awesome Jesus was, i base it on how shitty you are. Just in case you’re wondering.


Introducing the Radio BG Street Team: Phase One!

Taking the Radio BG message to all corners of the globe. Well, at least the U.S.

Blacks make up 65% of Ferguson’s population, yet they accounted for 93% of arrests after traffic stops, 92% of searches and 80% of traffic stops in the city last year, according to a racial profiling report by the Missouri attorney general.

When stopped by police, blacks in Ferguson were twice as likely as whites to be arrested — even though police found contraband for 34% of whites stopped, versus 22% of blacks — said Scott Decker, a criminologist on a team contracted by the attorney general’s office to compile the data. (via jean-luc-gohard)

(via burningbrooklynbridges)

I think these guys were working on a spec script while we were away.

I think these guys were working on a spec script while we were away.